Monday, May 16, 2011

Making Rap And R and B Music - How To Save Money In The Studio

I'd like to talk about something very important to every rapper and singer - saving money when going into the studio. Everyone is concerned with working within a budget, so it's important to set out a budget range for yourself. Try to set out a range you are willing to spend to record and produce your song: a minimum dollar amount and a maximum dollar amount. A good studio will be able to talk to you about that and let you know if you're being realistic with your budget.

The next thing to consider is your expectations for the studio or producers you're working with. Do you want a world class recording, or do you want an indie low-fi recording? Or do you want something that is in between? Knowing these things and at the same time having a budget in mind helps a lot. It helps to manage expectations of both yourself and the studio you're working with.

A great way to save money in the studio that is often overlooked is to simply be fully prepared or ready to step into the studio. Writing a good song, rehearsing that song to near perfection and being ready to face the studio environment all go a long way in saving your time, and therefore money in the studio. Make sure you've practiced in the way that is similar to the way you will be recording in a studio setting. It is a very different process than performing live or just rapping or singing with friends.

Another way to save money when going into the studio is by taking on some part of the recording or production process yourself. It is good to work with professionals and you don't want to do everything yourself, but nowadays it is easier to learn about these things and take on some parts of the process yourself. Whether it's recording your own vocals or setting up a project for a mixing or mastering engineer, it can save you lots of money over time. It is also not that hard to get educated and get set up.

These are all great ways to save money in different areas of the hip hop and R&B recording and production process. If you implement these steps you will be far ahead of others in the business. Many people don't think about these things and in the end, it ends up costing them - in time and money.

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